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Snowy Mountains Lakes – Fishing Charters.

Lake fishing charters.

Chasing trout on fly and lure from a boat, is heaps of fun.  Sneaking around the spots you’ll never get to from the bank, fishing deep water with sinking fly lines, drifting across yabby flats, chasing rising fish, or throwing lures into timber. There are always options. I charter the boat on Lake Eucumbene, Lake Jindabyne, Tantangara Reservoir, and Tumut Pond Reservoir.

The boat is Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) EX02 authorised – UVI 459920 – for partially sheltered waters. It is a Quintrex F450 customised to AMSA requirements. It can carry up to three passengers plus the vessel master; two passengers is best for comfort. A day is either an early start, finishing after lunch; or lunch time to dark.

Generally, only two people fish at any one time. It’s a great way to access wind friendly bays and shorelines, and islands not readily accessible from land – especially if you’re interested in getting off the boat and polaroiding the best banks away from the crowds. I don’t guide on shore, so once passengers are dropped off, they are responsible for their own well being.

If you’re new to fishing, or new to boat fishing that’s fine. I can probably teach you a lot, and hopefully send you away with new knowledge and ideas.

I have all the rods and gear you’ll need, but feel free to bring your own.

How much?

Trips start at $350 for a half day trip, $600 for a day; $800 for a long day trip.

What to bring:

  • Food and drink.
  • The weather can change quickly from a bright sunny day to windy and cold conditions or a thunderstorm in a few hours, so warm clothing and wet weather gear, sunscreen and insect repellent. Bring a fly net for your hat if they annoy you.

Strictly no drinking alcohol before or during the charter, or smoking on board the boat. A life-jacket is worn at all times.

There are a few risks to be aware of. Like all water sports there is a danger of drowning; during colder months, hypothermia could be an issue so wear plenty of warm clothes (you can always take something off); there are snakes everywhere in Australia but we rarely see them and because the banks are clear they usually see us first and slither away (I do not know anyone from my hundreds of fishing contacts who has been bitten; most have never seen a snake on the lake; bad casting or strong winds can result in a very occasional hit from a fly and a very very occasional impaling (I encourage everyone to wear quality sun glasses or protective glasses; slips and trips are never pleasant and we ask you to take care when getting in and out of the boat, and when fishing on muddy or slippery banks; sun burn and dehydration are the most common issues I see, so bring sun screen and bottled water; if you are not happy driving your vehicle on some of the bumpy tracks, let us know so we can pick you up; insects don’t cause us much trouble – biting midges are very rare, and we see the odd European wasp – March flies are evil and a nuisance sometimes (even though they’re pretty harmless), and not even long sleeve shirts can always save you completely from that prying proboscis!

Canberra, Monaro, Snowy Mountains – fly casting and fishing instruction and lake fishing.