When did you last see your father?

I managed to get away to Tantangara for the evening. the climb out of Adaminaby through the broken boulder countryside and onto the forest road is plenty long enough to build a solid sense of anticipation. Half way along the 18 kilometres from the Snowy Mountains Highway to the lake you cross Nungar Creek. A good flow looked almost fishable and I’m looking forward to Monday when I’m heading up the lake on a charter with the boat to check it out.

I decided to fish the eastern shore so made my way over the dam wall driving past the Murrumbidgee River and over the bridge (the river was loving an environmental release) before snaking my way up the hill and and then back down to lake level.  The scar from falling water levels seems to add to the beauty somehow; at a little over 20% the hydro would let a lot more out before it stopped at around 10%.

The breeze was from the south with a touch of west and there was enough warmth in the setting sun to make it comfortable with a light jacket on.  I didn’t think I’d have to walk far to find fish, it looked perfect.

I started to fish with an intermediate line. I knew the water dropped off enough to keep a fly off the snaggy bottom but after half an hour of blind-fishing a few fish started to rise a little offshore and I switched to a floating rig.  That felt better.  I had several fish to cast to within the first few minutes but it took a change of fly to a gun-metal-bead black nymph to start catching fish.

As the sun dropped over the western hills the water started to come alive with fish. I walked up the bank for a kilometre through the first three or four soaks, doing nothing but sight casting to moving fish. Always hoping one would be a nice brown or a fat rainbow – but not today. The parents were away and the kids were having a play.  The fish ranged from about 150 to 300 mm and were lean. They looked hungry and attacked the fly with some vigour.

I didn’t stay after dark but if I had I imagine the bigger fish may well have come in close, perhaps even a brown or two.  That’s for the next trip!

Tight Tippets!

Fly Fishing and Accommodation in Adaminaby