Tantangara at 26%

18 September 2012. Col, Ian, Gary and I set off from Adaminaby at 9.30 and headed for Tantangara.  Gary and I pulled up at the turning for the boat ramp and watched the lake for a while. Not a ripple which was sure to freak out Col who hates glassy water more than anyone I know.  We saw plenty of rises from our perch on the hillside, one of the advantages of calm water.  Col and Ian turned up shortly and we parked at the top of the soak down stream from the weather station and walked around the shore.  Half a kilometre in I couldn’t resist a very fishy looking bay so was the first to peel off from the group to wet a line. I fished two nymphs on an intermediate line.  I watched the others take up station and the minutes passed. I saw two of them move and then the third and not having any joy myself started to follow them.  An hour in and no one had landed a fish.  I leap-frogged Col who was furthest around and got out onto the point but still no fish. Then Col yelled Ian was on so I headed around the corner hoping for a picture. Ian had a nice brown but the fish was already bagged and tagged by the time I got there. And then the fun started. I had 3 rainbows in short order as the wind picked up ahead of the darkening sky.

I gave myself a rest and wandered around to the others. Col had 3 and Ian another 3.  I persevered as the wind dropped and then picked up again bringing another handful of fish in quick succession. The day passed quickly and as the storm clouds rolled in and the thunder started we headed back to the car, stopping only for a brief fish where the creek ran into the lake.

The lake was at 26 per cent and had dropped a little in the past few days. Col speculated the fish were in the deeper water because of the falling water levels but I tend to think the wind just brought them on when we happened to be fishing a deep bank. Ian fished a black WB, I had all my fish on gold bead green WB size 12. Nothing on the nymphs, not a touch.  Several of the fish took very close in, others took on the drop on a longish cast. No big fish, perhaps the smaller ones are too competitive – perhaps the big fish are still up the river end of the lake after/during/before their spawning event.

The lake looked as spectacular as ever.

Tight tippets!


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