Loch style fishing

Loch style fishing is fly fishing from a boat. The name came from a specific method used in Scotland that involves drifting broadside to the breeze, casting to rising fish, dapping flies onto the surface often no more than a rod length or two from the boat. Today the term loch style fishing is used for all forms of boat based fly fishing.

A critical piece of gear is the sea anchor, parachute anchor, or drogue – different names for fundamentally the same thing.  The aim is simple, to slow down the rate of drift, allow you to stay in touch with your flies, and increase the amount of time your flies are in the fishing zone.

The drogue can be used to control the direction of the boat (like a sail) and is used in conjunction with the bow-mount-motor to hold a steady drift when the wind is blowing along a shore line.

Snowy Lakes Fly Fishing Loch Style Fishing With a Drogue

Loch style fishing with a drogue to slow and control the drift.

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