Caddigat Lakes (Dixieland) Private Trout Fishery

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  • Caddigat Lakes
  • Syndicate membership, and
  • Guided fishing.

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Caddigat Lakes are a unique group of trout lakes near Adaminaby in the NSW Snowy Mountains, less than 2 hours from Canberra.  The lakes hold broodstock in pristine condition for the Snowy Mountains Trout Farm at Tumut. They are on the Dixieland property owned by Rod Smith with several kilometres of exclusive access to the Murrumbidgee River.

Caddigat Lakes fish stocks are maintained with a mix of fingerlings that grow out naturally, wild recruitment from fish that spawn when the creeks are running, and some larger fish – the broodstock for Rod’s Tumut fish farm.  Most of the fish you will catch are rainbows, but there are a few elusive and substantial browns, and plenty of trophy fish opportunities. The largest dam has nearly four kilometres of bank.

If your time is precious, Caddigat Lakes can take some of the risk out of the equation with a serious chance of catching a trophy fish.  Because it’s strictly catch and release, the fish grow bigger, and because it’s not a public fishery there is simply less fishing pressure.

You can fish Caddigat Lakes either with a guide, or as a syndicate member.

If you fish with a guide the day ticket property access fee is $55 for a half day and $100 for a full day.

My half day guided fishing rate is $250 half day (4 hours); full day $450 (7 hours); long day $600 (>8 hours). I am happy to take the charter boat over to fish Caddigat Lake for an additional $100 half day, $125 full day – highly recommended!

Current guides are myself, Col Sinclair at the Adaminaby Angler tackle shop, and Danny Spellick from Canberra.

Guides, please contact me if you’re interested in taking anglers to Caddigat Lakes for day fishing.

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Getting to Caddigat Lakes
– From Cooma centre travel 7 kilometres towards Jindabyne to “the four mile” and turn right onto the Snowy Mountains Highway towards Adaminaby and Tumut.
– Travel 33 kilometres and turn right onto Kingston Road.
– Travel 2 kilometres and turn right on Caddigat Road (unsealed roads from here).
– Travel 4.2 kilometres and turn left onto Dixieland Road.
– Travel 1.9 kilometres to the Dixieland Farm Gate Entrance (4WD only in wet weather).
– Keep driving until you reach the farm

The weather can change quickly from a bright sunny day to blizzard conditions or thunderstorms in an hour.  Always pack warm clothing and wet weather gear, sunscreen and insect repellent. Bring a fly net if they bug you.

Syndicate Membership

Caddigat Lakes is now a syndicate fishery offering year round exclusive access to one of Australia’s premier private fisheries, the largest network of private trout lakes in Australia.  If time is your most precious resource this is the best way to practice your art and unwind at your own pace. Caddigat Lakes are less than 2 hours from Canberra.

To discuss membership or guided fishing please contact me on 0438 403 362, or email me on

Annual syndicate membership (1 January to 31 December, or 1 July to 30 June) is available for $1,650 (including GST). Syndicate membership can be included in the cost of corporate leadership or team building packages.

  • Members are entitled to access the property for 20 weekend days and 80 week days each year.
  • Approved guides are entitled to access the property with up to 4 anglers for an additional fee per angler of $125.
  • Members are entitled to attend camping weekends on 2 occasions each year.

Syndicate membership is subject to a range of obligations and conditions, including but not limited to:

  • All fishing to be in accordance with any Caddigat Lakes code of conduct.
  • Locked gates are security key entry with keys subject to a $100 refundable deposit.
  • Ordinary members are entitled to bring one fishing guest.
  • Guests must not bring a vehicle onto the property without prior permission (exceptional circumstances only).
  • No guest fishing before 9 am.
  • All fishing guests are to fish within 50 metres of the member and on the same lake.
  • Guided anglers are to fish within sight of the guide and on the same lake.
  • All fishing is catch and release.
  • Vehicle speed limited to 25 km/h on all roads and 10 km/h on any dam wall.
  • Fishing starts either at 6.30 am or 30 minutes before sunrise, whichever is later.
  • No vehicles on the property until 6.15 am.
  • Fishing ends at 9 pm or 30 minutes after sunset, whichever is earlier.
  • All members to be off the property by one hour after sunset, before full dark, or by 9.30 pm whichever is earlier.
  • Membership is cancelled with no refund if a member kills and takes any fish, or uses any fishing method not involving the use of a fly rod, fly reel and fly line, as commonly understood.
  • All members are to identify themselves on request to authorised persons.
  • The fishery is closed to members from the end of the second full weekend in June until the end of the second full weekend in July.
  • The fishery is closed to members on the first Friday and Saturday of each month and the last Sunday of each month for property maintenance.
  • The fishery may be closed during inclement weather, for urgent maintenance works, or the like.

The owner reserves the right to close the fishery, or cancel any membership, or change access conditions, or refund membership fees pro-rota for any remaining membership period. No refunds are available for ordinary syndicate membership (corporate).



Caution is to be exercised at all times when on the Dixieland property or fishing on the Caddigat Lakes.  Dixieland is a working farm with the inherent risks associated with driving on unsealed roads, machinery, fences, gates, livestock, wildlife, and inclement weather. Storms can occur without warning, including rain, hail, and snow even during summer months. Springs and marshes are common and should be avoided.

Mobile phone coverage is very limited at Dixieland. Telstra mobile phones provide very limited coverage. It is highly recommended at least one person carry a Telstra mobile and identify locations where signal can be received – generally high spots.

The following applies to visitors to Caddigat Lakes:

  • Take shelter during any thunderstorm or inclement weather.
  • Driving is to be at a low speed, appropriate for the conditions.
  • Driving across dam walls is to be in low gear at low speed.
  • Do not walk or drive across dam walls either during or immediately after heavy rain.
  • No driving in any dams or watercourses.
  • Machinery, equipment or buildings are only to be used or accessed with prior approval.
  • No guns are permitted on Dixieland without approval. Only approved feral animal control is permitted on Dixieland. All native mammals and birds are protected.
  • Any authorised guests are the responsibility of the syndicate member.
  • Fires are not to be lit at any time.
  • After passing through any gate it is to be left as it was found; open or closed.

Emergency dial 000 for advice and help. The property name is Dixieland, at Adaminaby, The landline telephone number is 6454 2219 and the phone is located at the farm house.

In the event of a snake bite:

  • The victim should be immobilised and the affected limb held in a raised position. The puncture site should not be cleaned.
  • The affected limb should be bandaged, from the wound, towards to the torso, but not so tight as to cut off circulation.
  • The victim should be driven to Cooma hospital immediately. If an ambulance has been called agree a site to meet between Dixieland and Cooma, such as the junction of Kingston Road and the Snowy Mountains Highway.
  • Under no circumstance remove the bandage until the anti-venom has been administered.

Adaminaby Ampol offer NRMA towing services. Call NRMA or the garage direct on 6454 1640 for assistance.

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