Providence line up

The last few days have been mild, perhaps too mild. Saturday was a boat day checking out the Tollbar Creek area’s  post-apocalyptic  landscape. Muddy banks, dense stands of standing dead timber and plenty of fish holding in the deep water (on the sounder) but not a sign of a moving fish; no rises, no boils, nothing apart from one muddy swirl of sediment where  presumably a fish had been a few moments before. The lake level is at 48% and still dropping, so bring something to put your waders in or the car will stink of mud.  The wind picked up to the forecast 15 knot nor westerly and we took some spray over the bow as we headed back at lunchtime. An Adaminaby bakery pie looked more inviting. Not a particularly awesome first trip on the boat for Mark but what can I say other than it felt really fishy, just not quite today.

We headed for Caddigat Lakes in the afternoon and Mark got an hour head start as I took the chainsaw to some timber.  I found him on Snaggy Dam but he hadn’t been able to capitalise on his advantage.  I fished for an hour and managed to land two crackers before heading back to Adaminaby. Mark stayed on and managed to hook up on one of the big Dixieland Dam rainbows right on dusk, and reported lots of rises and boils from the leviathans that live in that particularly fertile dam.

Providence is getting a lot of attention and as usual etiquette is getting a bit forgotten.  The picture shows a particularly orderly set up but when a bunch of boats turned up after dark and motored up the channel and anchored right in front of us, well within casting distance, you can imagine I wasn’t too happy, and nor was Col. Having said that its nice to see a few large browns showing up and I caught one 3 kilo plus fish. What would be nice would be 20 mm of rain to really get them moving. I fished a fast intermediate in the channel drop off, with a big black WB and a MkII WB – nothing less than 3kg tippet.

Meanwhile the Buckanderra area has apparently fished well. Corrigan tells me he landed some 1.5 kilo rainbows mid week that “went off”. Small flies stick-caddis-like patterns in green. He cleaned a couple and they were full of daphnia mush which is great for helping to put on late season condition but they can be fussy if they’re feeding on plankton.

That’s all. I’ll be in Adaminaby next week leading up to ANZAC if anyone wants to catch up give me a call 0438 403362.

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