Opening day Eucumbene River

“Not for the faint hearted’ someone mumbled as five four wheel drives disgorged their occupants by the old bridge piles. The first misty light showed a river high in flood and moderately dirty. Inauspicious. The westerly ripped down the valley in gusts up to 30 knots and then to add insult to frostbite it sleeted – then snowed.  With wind chill it was well below freezing and as the first shards of sunlight all too briefly cut through the overcast sky dozens more four wheel drives revealed themselves along the banks and adjacent tracks. I put up with it until just after 7 and hadn’t caught a fish; too old for this?  I chatted to Pete through his car window – warming up apparently – then headed off for the bakery and breakfast.

I sat in the kitchen watching the snow fall. It wouldn’t settle but if you went outside it stung your face and turned you into a snowman.  The blue sky arrived just after 2, closely followed by Messrs Sharpe and Wills.  After their first post-drive drink we set off back for the river and after a wander up and down the river settled on the spot Col (Adaminaby Angler) had said would deliver. And of course it did. Feisty silver rainbows in superb condition. The day was not lost. Glow bugs of course, if you were wondering!

Tight tippets all

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