Hotting up and cooling down!


Well, in the last week we’ve seen a lot of fish moving into the river and hanging around the top of the lake. The wind has been strong and mainly from the west, other than a wicked change into the south on Saturday afternoon – blowing that cold air up from Victoria (which I wish they’d keep).  We’ve been having some good early morning frosts so at least the grass has stopped growing!

I’ve had a couple of evening sessions from the boat including one with Gary which resulted in this beautifully coloured cracker.

Justin and Mark fished Caddigat and the Eucumbene River on Saturday.  Both got nice fish at Caddigat, including the Rodney George, and Mark latched onto a 60 cm plus brown on the river. His first Eucumbene brown.

On Saturday evening I tried yet another Col Sinclair variation on the WB, a silver and grey model.  It worked first cast!  Unfortunately none of the dozen or more anglers lining the bank caught a fish in the next hour and a half and neither did I, magic fly or not.

Hints for the top of the lake: 3 to 4 kg fluorocarbon tippet – 3 to 4 metres, straight through, no knots. Intermediate line.  Single fly size 8 to 10 black WB or any of the traditional Eucumbene night time patterns. Twitching slow, or short slow strip retrieve.

Two weeks away from  the lake and river now trying to wrap up the Game Council governance review so it’ll be a bit quiet on the blog front.

Tight tippets all



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