Danielle at Caddigat Lakes

It’s  well known phenomenon that women catch more and bigger fish per unit of effort.  A quick trip to Caddigat Lakes last weekend for some footage for Rob Paxevanos’ WIN TV fishing report. Three blokes – Col, Andycam and yours truly – ZERO fish – and then editor in chief Danielle roped this cracker.  More evidence to support the theory!

Once again it was a fiery brown WB with a tungsten head that did the trick.  Note Col’s role in this effort was mainly to get into the picture although he did an admirable job of wrangling the fish in the shallows when it might not have been quite ready to come in. This was one time I had everything crossed having been too lazy to change the tippet from the 5 lb I’d had on for small lake rainbows earlier in the week. I usually stick with 7 lb for Caddigat – anything less often leads to disappointment!

Tight tippets

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