Caddigat tailers

Caddigat Lakes.  Julian and Steven from Victoria visited on Sunday afternoon.  Beautiful weather, with a light ripple most of the day driven by a favourable southerly.  This is always a good wind here because it makes it easy to fish the deeper water near the dam walls.  In lakes where there is so much food on the lake bed this can be the difference between catching fish – or not. Fish rose intermittently throughout the afternoon and there was a small hatch of red spinners on Spring Dam which unfortunately didn’t prompt a noticeable increase in surface activity. To their credit both Steven and Julian persevered with surface rigs, and a variety of nymphs and other wets were tried.  Overall Julian did very well with half a dozen nice fish to over 7 lb whilst Steve got off to a slow start catching one in Spring and one in Midway both of which “self-released” after all the hard work had been – done before his grand finale in Dixieland Dam.

The best fishing of the day was in Dixieland Dam.  The beasts were tailing in the shallows, at times 3 or 4 fish within close range casting distance.

A size 16 woolly bugger did the trick for Steven, whilst Julian did well on a small black pheasant tail with a glass bead head. But whichever fly did the trick, the fish were playful and there was no doubt when one wanted the offering with huge, pulse quickening bow waves, telegraphing their intention to grab the fly.




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