I was brought up on the family farm in Cornwall, in the UK. The farm was a mixed arable and livestock business first in Tregony, then in Ladock. A small trout stream, a tributary of the River Fal, wound its way through the property, on for 7 or 8 miles to Truro and then to the ocean at Falmouth. With its large tidal estuary the river held sea trout and the occasional lonely Atlantic salmon, but mostly brown trout and eels. I’ve fished for as long as my memories. I caught my first trout on fly when I was 12 on a Peter Ross fly which I’ve adopted as my website (and boat “fly by night“) logo.

(The “Peter Ross” artwork Trevor Hawkins)

I’d been eyeing off the flies in John Langdon’s tackle and gun shop on River Street in Truro for weeks and eventually parted with some pocket money for my precious Peter Ross. That evening I hopped off the school bus at the bottom of Truck Hill, waded through the marshes in full school uniform, unpacked my rod and drifted the fly down the riffle of a tantalisingly deep pool. With that first effort I caught the biggest brown trout of my early fishing life, and that’s how it really all began.

The Ladock River near the railway bridge at Truck Hill, in full flow on its way to the River Fal (Rosie Morris 2011).

I’m a Certified Casting Instructor with the US based International Federation of Fly Fishers, I have certification from the Royal Yachting Association as a Power Boat Instructor, I hold a Coxswains commercial vessel operator certificate of competency. I am a scuba diving instructor accredited by the British Sub Aqua Club, the Professional Association of Diving Instructors, and the World Underwater Federation (CMAS).

For me, fly fishing is about the utter tranquility of a mountain lake at the day’s end; the infinity of a perpetually effervescent trout stream; the other people who fly fish, enjoying a sport which is such a great leveler, and titanic battles of mind and body with rainbow and brown trout.

If you’re interested in learning about this wonderful sport, just get in touch.

0438 403362

Fly fishing translated!

Català: Pesca amb mosca
?eština: Muška?ení
Dansk: Fluefiskeri
Deutsch: Fliegenfischen
English: Fly fishing
Español: Pesca con mosca
Français : Pêche à la mouche
Galego: Pesca con mosca
Íslenska: Fluguveiði
Italiano: Pesca con la mosca
Nederlands: Vliegvissen
Norsk bokmål: Fluefiske
Polski: W?dkarstwo muchowe
Português: Pesca com mosca
Sloven?ina: Muškárenie
Suomi: Perhokalastus

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