ANZAC Day Adaminaby


ANZAC day is well supported in Adaminaby. Over the years I’ve been able to attend many remembrance services in Sydney and Canberra, some at dawn others at 11 am, but the most memorable have always been the smaller services. Narooma, Huskisson, Gosford, HMAS Cresswell,  Cooma, Honiara, and now Adaminaby.  This year we woke at 5, stoked the fire (with a serious frost outside), and watched the ABC coverage of services at Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Gallipoli.  At 11 am we went to the Adaminaby cenotaph joining  about 100 others. Bearing in mind the population is just 230, think about nearly half of Sydney turning up in Martin Place.  It was typically moving and thought provoking and 2 helicopters did a fly over more or less right on the dot of 11. The Red Cross put on afterwards sponge cake that’s put enough sugar in the veins to ward of the cold or the next 48 hours or so – seriously, it could rival Kendall mint cake!


Anyway, I’d come for the fishing (in between serious report writing) so a Wednesday early morning  start on the river, and an hour on dusk was called for to keep the mind active.  I fished with John in the morning and as we rigged up and the light came we watched fish after fish boil in the pools without any subsequent serious interest in our offerings. It took a move to the fast runs out of the tail of the pools to find fish and here they were aggressively attacking glow bugs and nymphs. it was only a quick fish and we were on our way out as others were arriving. Not a spectacular session, we definitely need rain and river flow to get things pumping but there are fish in every pool, and a lot of them are visible.

For the evening session, bite time at the top of the lake is 5.30 to 6.30. A few hardy souls are fishing very late and catching fish (apparently) but its pretty cold. Col (Adaminaby angler) gave me a new pattern to try – details of which you’ll have to get from him – but needless to say it worked twice,  both nice browns before I got smashed up and lost it. I think it came with a built in self destruct.


The  lake has been fishing OK, but is a bit unpredictable. There are fish in deep water and full of what one friend describing the stomach contents of the one 3 lb rainbow  he caught on a recent trip from Victoria as “full of that tiny stuff that looks like couscous” – that’d be daphnia Anthony – as well as one fresh mudeye! The best and biggest rainbow reports are coming from Buckanderra – again, and what’s left of Middlingbank at 47% lake level and falling.

That’s all except to tell a little story about a missing fish.  But the story starts with a missing slipper.  Earlier in the week, Briggsy the dog decided to raid the slipper box and take one of Crissy’s slippers, the leopard skin one of course, into the garden. I went fishing right on dark, spotted it, and determined to rescue it when I got home.  But, when I got back a couple of hours later it had gone from the spot I left it.  Then, last night, I caught a 3 lb male brown, and knocked it on the head for the neighbour. This exchange gets my bins put out when I’m not here.  I left the fish in the shallow water, half in, half out, with the air temperature at 8 degrees.  45 minutes later, pitch black, with a cold wind 15 knots from the west I decided to clean it and head home. But it had gone.  I searched up and down and formed the view I’d either gone mad, or that I had a stalker stealing my things.

Anyway, walking back to the car I found it, about 25 metres from where I’d been fishing, with a little bit of cheek chewed out and an eye missing.  Hydromys chrysogaster (meaning “water-mouse with golden belly”) who we see swimming around every night I deduced to be the culprit – “I have no doubt”, reads the official statement.  I cleaned, topped and tailed the fish and left the remnants for him or her, and the family – as an offering. I still haven’t figured a way to blame “golden-belly” for the missing slipper yet – but its only a matter of time.

Tight tippets all!





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